JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Recovery Boiler Soot Blowing Process Optimization


  • Reduce steam usage
  • Provide interface for ease of operator use
  • Reduce need for controls maintenance
  • Provide consistent operation from shift to shift

Process Summary

Advanced Regulatory Soot Blowing provides a traditional approach to boiler cleaning by sequencing individual Soot Blowers. However, this offering includes an improved operator interface and diagnostics, which eliminate many of the difficulties, which have been associated with blower operation and maintenance.

Many pulp and paper mills are finding that their Recovery Process is the production bottleneck. Effective Soot Blowing is critical to the maintenance of a high level of Recovery Boiler efficiency and to the avoidance of boiler circulation problems leading to costly unscheduled shutdowns. The Soot Blowing system developed by Automation Applications Inc, LLC (AAI) provides a number of features designed to increase the efficiency of this portion of the boiler operation and help minimize maintenance:

  • Operator control graphic is presented on a single screen
  • Extremely flexible programming provided
  • Sequences may be viewed or modified without stopping active sequence
  • Automatic log of alarms minimizes shutdown time
  • Easily customizable to mill specific requirements
  • Compatible with commonly used control systems

The Advanced Regulatory Soot Blowing System provides a user with the ability to individually select lances for insertion or to select from a predetermined number of user configurable sequences. Primary operator interface will be the DCS Operator CRT Console. Through a number of custom-built schematics, users have access to all tags necessary to operate the system.


AAI furnishes guarantees of performance with installations of Soot Blowing system based on a survey of existing operation. Guarantees typically involve measurable system and process parameters such as percentage of time on full automatic, and percent steam usage for soot blowing. AAI is confident that installation of a Soot Blowing Optimization System will result tangible benefit for the end user and is willing to back installations with a firm warranty. For the benefit of the client as well as AAI, it is important that a set of precisely measurable parameters make up the boundaries for determining process performance before and after system installation.

Some typical areas of system performance include:

  • 10% reduction in soot blowing steam usage
  • Automatic control will be provided by the system 95% of the time


AAI believes that competitive advantage can be gained by Pulp and Paper Industry Manufacturers through the proper application and use of today’s computer and control equipment. This is proved every day by AAI engineers who leverage their technical systems knowledge with process experience to provide clients with significant dollar savings through higher process throughputs and efficiencies. The AAI Soot Blowing Optimization System is a specific example of this.

With this installation a mill can expect reduced energy costs through reduced purchased fuel cost to generate steam in the power boilers. By calculating the cost of steam in the power boilers and comparing it to the reduction of steam use from soot blowing, a mill can save near five-hundred thousand dollars per year.