JMP Engineering (Corporate)


DCS Navigator

Solving your DCS dilemma can be a manageable risk for reasonable money within a reasonable time frame.

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Batch Process Control Engineering

JMP is specialized in tackling large-scale complex batch process applications. Our expertise enables clients to easily schedule production, manage inventories, easily re-configure recipes, optimize production and report on all necessary parameters.

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Feasibility Study: Specification Preparation and Site Audit

JMP Engineering is unique in its ability to provide industrial facilities with control system feasibility studies and audits. JMP captures the knowledge of its experienced engineers to produce DCS and PLC system studies encompassing the control room, operator role and graphical interface, process logic, control system design and configuration to ultimately provide leading system and/or process improvement recommendations.

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Safety Protection Systems Engineering Services

JMP provides services for the upgrade of Safety Protection Systems. These services are provided to assist clients in achieving the highest level of safety. The SPS services provided by JMP are in compliance with the latest ISA SP84 safety standards and API/RP-556 design guidelines.

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