JMP Engineering (Corporate)

Batch Process Control Engineering


  • Stabilize the process
  • Provide consistent operation from shift to shift
  • Increase product quality
  • Increase product yield
  • Decrease variation in all process parameters
  • Coordinate production scheduling
  • Decrease energy use
  • SP88 compliance


JMP Engineering is focused on providing industry-leading batch process control solutions for specialty chemical, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, and pulp & paper applications. With extensive experience with all major DCS/PLC and PC systems, JMP combines batch process expertise with control systems expertise to provide industrial clients with the most robust and economical solutions available.

In the majority of JMP’s Batch Process projects, our engineering team works with the client to:

  • Identify and formally specify the project based upon the goals of the project
  • Select a suitable batch software and hardware solution
  • Design and configure a batching solution that meets the project goals
  • Implement the system, including tie-ins to DCS/PLC/PC or plant-wide information network
  • Provide training and start-up assistance
  • Provide complete system documentation
  • Provide on-going support throughout the life-cycle of the control system

JMP is specialized in tackling large-scale complex batch process applications. Our expertise enables clients to easily schedule production, manage inventories, easily re-configure recipes, optimize production and report on all necessary parameters.

Batch process control services supplied by JMP are compliant with ISA SP88.01 and/or the latest ISA standards.


JMP has nearly ten years of experience implementing batch process control systems of varying scale and complexity. Our specialty chemical batch process engineering team is comprised of individuals with countless years of individual experience and accomplishments. JMP provides its Fortune 500 clients with competitive advantage by increasing productivity and product quality.